Where were you...

on that morning of September 11, 2001? As our parent's generation remembers exactly what they were doing when John F. Kennedy was assassinated & we remember where we were during the Challenger disaster, we all will have forever etched in our minds what we were doing on that fateful morning 7 years ago.

I remember sitting on the coffee table (bad habit) watching ABC news replaying the first tower being hit. My first thoughts (as this was very early on, before anyone really knew what was going on) were that this was a horrible accident. My wildest imagination could not have thought up what we would eventually learn to be the truth. As I was watching the first tower fall, a second plane crashed into the second tower. Now the world knew that this surely was no 'accident'. As the days went on, we all learned the horrible truth and would be forever changed as a nation. As Americans.

Seven years later, many still wonder 'why' & 'how' this could have happened. While the 'how' is pretty much understood now, the 'why' is still such a mystery to me. I know, we have heard all the stories of 'why' but it's still not anything I really can understand. 'Why' does anyone think it's okay to be so destructive and brutal? I doubt that I will ever really be able to comprehend this.

We were all touched by this disaster, this act of terrorism, in some way or another. If we weren't directly affected, we know someone who knows someone who knows someone whose lives were changed drastically by this event. And it still hurts deeply no matter how far away in time we get from 9/11/01.

I was five months pregnant on 9/11/01. I wondered how this would affect my unborn child and the others yet to be born, just born, or those already a few years old. I have tried to explain this to my daughter when the topic comes up but I think even at 6 she doesn't really get it. They are still so innocent. This will be an addition to their history lessons that we never had to learn. We had to live it first hand.

I am always praying for those directly affected by the events of 9/11/01. The babies who never met their daddies, the wives who had to raise their families alone, the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who waited and waited for their loved ones to come home for days and days, those who finally had to accept that they weren't coming home. Those who perished that day will never know what heroes they were. They lost their lives so we could still continue to live free.

God Bless America


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