Hockey anyone?

My cousin emailed me a bunch of political pics the other day and I loved this one. We are big hockey fans (by 'we' I really mean my husband but after 10 years I haved learned to go with the flow and enjoy it all winter- some of fall and spring, too) The movie "Miracle" was a great movie, hockey lover or not. So I love this portrayal of Sarah Palin with it's hockey/miracle theme. That being said, I am ready for these candidates to get on with the issues already.

I just read Laurie's post about being crazy busy. I think we all must be feeling that way now. Maybe it's the start of school and all that goes with it (homework, schedules, fundraising- already). I have to say that my daughter's homework is not nearly as bad as I had anticipated. It may be because alot of it is review - although this week they have started some new things - yippee. They have a little take home book to read each night (test on Thurs or Fri), spelling on Tuesday night and math on Wed night. So far no homework on Thurs or Fri - yahoo!

My daughter is in school from 8-2:30. That sounds like a long time, doesn't it? Boy, the days sure do fly. I always think I will get SO much done on those days but it is rare that I really feel like I accomplished alot. Maybe that's since there is so much to do. Maybe it's because I blog too much (not possible). Maybe it's my way of doing a little of everything and not a lot of one thing. Maybe by high school graduation I will have it figured out.

I have mentioned before that my daughter is in Daisy Girl Scouts. Well, this year the Daisy's are allowed to fundraise. Now isn't that lucky for us? I have spoken of my distaste for fundraisers (although I appreciate the need). But do I let on that I don't like it to Little Miss? No way. If she is going to be in the troop she (we) should particpate in every aspect. Right? I have a much easier time saying 'no' to the school fundraisers since she has to be in school (since we don't homeschool) than I do to the club ones. But, really, can I just write a check? I know that doesn't teach the kids much, so fundraise I will. Anyone for a magazine? Chocolate? Nuts? Cookie dough? Wrapping paper?

I am off to see our isurance agent - fun times. Have a great day!


Laurie Anne said…
Fundraising is a KILLER!! This year our school decided to do away with selling stuff and just do a walk-a-thon. I love this idea. I would much rather write my check for 50 bucks knowing the school gets the whole thing than have the school get less than 50% and have stuff I don't want. At least with girl scouts those cookies sell themselves :0)
*carrie* said…
I hadn't seen that Miracle poster--that's funny!

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