Open House...

Last night there was an open house at my daughter's school. I haven't been in her classroom much so it was nice to go in and see what was going on. My husband has only been there once before school started so he really enjoyed seeing what they have been up to. The open house was from 6:30-8 which coincided with Christmas play practice which was from 6-7:30. So we rushed over to school after practice (it's only about 5 minutes but in a rush is seems longer). We got there at about 7:40 and as it turns out it was perfect timing as we were the only ones there. We had plenty of time to talk to the teacher which is hard to do when 5 other parents are clamoring for their attention. It was a really nice (short) evening.

I am now on the 'Site Based Council' at our school. This council meets about once a month and discusses how $ should be spent. Right up my alley!! The money involved is called 'tax credit' money. In AZ you can donate $400 (married filing jointly) or $250 (single) each year to a public school of your choice. The donation is a credit right off the bottom line of our state taxes. The money needs to be used for extra curricular activities and each school decides how to spend it. I am looking forward to getting involved in this. If you have read this blog for any time you know I complain alot about the schools and now I hope this will open my eyes a bit as to the workings of our school district.

Wow, ALL this news about the economy is really interesting and scary too. I know this storm will pass and hope the country will be better off after it's over. That being said and not wanting to have any sort of political debate, I am a little concerned that the government is 'bailing' out so many companies. Freddie and Fannie are one thing but they sure set a bad precedent when they got involved with Bear Stearns. But then you saw all those poor people leaving Lehman on Monday with all their work stuff not knowing what they would do next. I know there is probably not a 'right' thing to do which makes it so difficult. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

I was watching a local show this morning and they did a segment on stay at home dads. It was really touching. The dad they profiled was so neat - loves his girls, supports his wife - & happy with his decision. It is so nice to see that. They showed one of the girls' rooms and there was a sign on the wall that said:

My prince did come - his name is daddy.
How SWEET is that?


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