as seen through the eyes of a first grader. Apparently, this is no longer 'fashionable'.

But this is.

Paired with something black, of course.

I know I am old fashioned. I still think that you should dress nicely to go to church, a wedding or a funeral. I don't think you should wear 'logo' t-shirts for your school picture. I think a man should wear a collared shirt on the golf course. Whites for playing tennis. No white shoes after Labor Day or before Memorial Day. A slip is usually required for a skirt or dress. I should have been born a generation or two before I was. I could go on but will spare anyone still reading.

How different things are now. And how quickly little Miss has caught on. She has a small fortune worth of Hanna Andersson clothing hanging in her closet. All cute and colorful. Lots of which she is rejecting now because it isn't 'fashionable'.

I think have a looonnnggg road ahead of me...


Lisa said…
So.. I guess I am riding on the bus right next to you! I am soooo skeerd of the following years to come. Yikes. Reas only in Preschool (4) and already with the hip swing and the "look" in the mirror. Heaven help us!!
Sinclair said…
Well, mine is only Kindergarten age, and right now is homeschooled, so if you wish to part with any Hanna Anderson clothing for yard sale-ish type pricing, and if you have any size 5/6, let me know!

Also, I have a son, 14, who is even scarier than you yet imagine! He has decided he is "punk"...EEK!
Sarah said…
Hmmm. I will buy all your Hanna! (hehe) That is so hard, I do not like all that logoed stuff either... I have that battle yet ahead of me!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it :)

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