Halloween, already?

My daughter & I hit Lowe's on Saturday for some grout (long story for another day) and came home with this cute door mat and the little black cat. I had it all sitting by the front door to put in my 'Halloween' box for my October 1st Halloween decorating. I went to the garage to do some things and come back to see these things at the threshold to the playroom. The little orange cat is from one of those claw/ stuffed animal game machines. Later on Sat. we had a Halloween party - that's why the table and notebook were in front of the door. I had to sign in to go to the party - like a guest book. She cut apples to dip in peanut butter and we had water. It was all quite cute and fun. My daughter signed the dog in too, but after the dog tried to eat our food (what a surprise) she was escorted out of the room and her name was crossed off the guest list.
My husband was out of town over the weekend and missed all this fun!

Thursday my daughter starts play rehearsal for the Christmas play at our church. It is her first year to do the play and she is really excited. She wants to try out for the role of Mary. Quite lofty aspirations for a 1st grader but last year Mary was a 2nd grader so it's not out of the realm of possibilities. She has other friends in the play so it will be quite the social event. The only thing I don't like (there's always something with me!) is that the practice goes from 6-7:30 on a school night. She is usually in bed by 7:30 so it will be a little adjustment - probably more for me than her.

I am off to scrapbook with friends this morning. I am trying to work on cards and Christmas gifts while I am there. Very productive of me, no?


Laurie Anne said…
Very impressive. I wish I was organized enough to be thinking about Christmas (It always seems to sneak up on me) :0)
Shabbee Chick said…
It's never too early to be festive, I always think!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

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