Tuesday's work...

These are the cards I made on Tuesday. I like the crab one for Christmas. I like to use non-traditional colors sometimes and thought this looked cute.

This card I made for my daughter's friend who is having her birthday party next weekend. I thought the colors looked really girly. Of course, Little Miss likes the crab card better so I will do one next week for a birthday using the same colors, switching out the Santa hat for a birthday hat. I'll save the pink one for another time.

So, I think I am off to a good start for the Christmas cards and gifts. I won't make all my Christmas cards as I bought some last year at 75% off so I want to use those. I will make the extras though. I have to work on my Christmas list and figure out what needs to be made- probably not a whole lot so it should be pretty easy going. I have to got through my 'gift box' too to see what is in there. I am always surprised to find more than I thought I had. :)


Laurie Anne said…
That crab card is soo cute. I've never tried card making, but it looks like so much fun :0)

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